Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 gave birth to Medicare Advantage Plan. It comes with additional support for seniors to help minimize their load of medical expenditure.

Medicare Advantage Plans, offered by private insurance companies, provide you with all your benefits of Part A and Part B. It includes Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan, Special needs plans, Private fee-for-service plans, Preferred Provider Organizations and Health Maintenance Organizations.

Prescription drug coverage is provided by most Medicare Advantage Plans. You can join advantage plan provided you fulfil the following conditions:

Every Medicare Advantage Plan works in a different manner. Compare all the options available in your area in advantage plan. A fixed amount is paid by Medicare each month to companies providing this plan. However, you may be charged some amount for the additional benefit provided.

All of the services covered under the original Medicare are also covered under Medicare Advantage Plan except hospice care. Emergency and urgently needed care is covered under all types of Medicare Advantage Plan. Services that are not medically necessary under Medicare may not be covered under this plan. Health & wellness programs, dental, hearing and vision are some of the services covered under this plan.

You can get all the information here on Focus Medicare. Once you are clear with rules and cost, you can simply get in touch with our representative and get things sorted out. Many people consider this plan as an extra expenditure, but considering the medical expenditure it only fetches a small premium.